What is web3 || What does web3 mean?

After searching in multiple search engines, what is web3? What is web2? What is web1? web3 meaning? web3 is going great? You are now entering here. These three has not any official definition but you will know about web3 that you never hear of.

What is web1?

From 1999 to 2004 the internet was mostly a branch of static pages, meaning whenever we loaded them they showed some result that is it. Some called them read-only. There was no login and no interaction with posts for viewing analytics, most of them are not profitable by ads. They mostly have one link Wikipedia or hyperlinks together.

Of course with time they slowly made improvements to things like flash, and JavaScript and add many new different features. During that time the users of the internet or consumers went to the internet to consume information.

What is web2?

From 2004-now, during this time the web involved a lot. One of the biggest changes is the interaction of the Internet, this means there is not any interaction of the information of pages but web-based on static information from us as we viewed Facebook, youtube, and google search of other centralized companies started collecting data about us so they can serve us better content than can make us stay on their website longer this means they make more money.

But eventually, they can realize they can package all the data they collected and sell it advertises. Web 2.0 age of targeted advertising and lack of privacy to their uses. We went to be fair we will give up this privacy too. For getting cash like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.
In web2.0 me and you both using Facebook at the same time and viewing different news feed because the news feeds a dependent on who is viewing them. That is very different in web 3.0. The content of your newsfeed comes from the company storing data by the information you gave like likes and how much you watched the videos. The ads you show that is storing data by the information you give them.

They know you talked last night, and they know that you take to drop your kids off every day at 8 p.m. except Friday. Machine learning presents parenting-related ads because they know he has gone to be a father, the machine-learning use probably grows of users public IP address and here finds some data. What is the case, How do they predict this about one because one centralized company controls all of the data that we have to carry?

What is web3 || What does web3 mean?

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet. Probably utilization of blockchain technology and tools of decentralization. In web2 you are the product for browsing social network. But in web3 some believe that you are the owner of your content and you can post on online. You can control on that, usually something on internet it is always on the internet.

Let’s suppose a blockchain alternative is Youtube, here videos can be posted and the creators can earn library tokens. Which is basically creators’ rewards based on website videos. The creator uploads it and someone wants to share it, technically download the video so that others may like the video, this is kind of a bit torrent network.

Your post could not get it down because your post is on one social server. If you think about thousands of servers and computers in the world ensure the blockchain social network you are on is not attacked and censored. But in Web3 the experts say that we will go to the point of the internet for every company run by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

In DAOs there has no CEOs and no presidents. Those consist of the most tokens. Here the company is not limited by the government or some family tradition. In web3 there will be no censorship on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. One control of authority cannot make it down.
In web3 one of the most important things is one’s digital identity is not 100% connected to one real identity. It means a user can view pages, download things, make purchases, can do other activities on the internet without being traced to the real person.

Is web3 is really means for us?

Maybe in the next few decades, one has to buy online purchases through the payment method of Amazon gift card, Ethereum, or Metamask. To be honest, I feel that web3 is not a life-changing thing but it gives serious ideas to centralized companies like Facebook, and Twitter to grow together until these are replaced by the decentralized group DAOs.

Web3 Foundation

There is a company called web3.0 Foundation that posted a project for increasing decentralization on the internet. These three big projects are

  1. Blockchain Palkodot
  2. Polkadot test chain
  3. Web3 Summit

Web3 summit offers some grants. Let’s see the use of the Palkodot blockchain. Here Palkodot used the web3 name as their brand to push their agenda. This is like that facebook buying a foundation on web2.0. This is the same as the Palkodot buying a foundation for web3. Here Facebook is a company and web2 is an idea, same as Polkadot is a blockchain, and web3 is an idea.

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