Fantom Crypto Projects

Fantom is a crypto project of blockchain networks that offers high-performance security, low transaction cost, and scalability. Fantom crypto built on its own blockchain network serve as layer one blockchain network.

The birth of fantom crypto is 2018 with a goal of scalability security and decentralization. This network never compromised the security and decentralized issue in terms of scalability. It also built on the consensus mechanism of Lachesis.

Consensus mechanism

Fantoms consensus algorithms are called Lachesis. Lachesis is more secure, scalable, and faster than other consensus mechanisms. Scalable means how much the ability of a system to make transactions at a time. That means a system or a project consider highly scalable in a measure of its making transactions at a time.

Fantom networks can make a good number of transactions in seconds with low fees. That makes this project more scalable. Fantom uses a leaderless proof of stake protocol to secure the network.

In these networks, the users do have not any prohibition to commands here at different times. Users have much of freedom to command here at any moment. That actually makes the fantom crypto asynchronous. Asynchronous is a characteristic of Lachesis in fantom crypto.

In fantom networks, any participation has not intensive to play extraordinary works. Every user on this network has the same specialty or role. This is because this network is leaderless. If any users try to do any faulty activities these activities consider malicious behavior. This is a byzantine fault tolerant.

The block confirmation is almost zero here. Not much waiting for block confirmation, and transactions are completed in less than one or two seconds.

Why Lachesis

In the future web3.0 world of technology. No one will happy to wait long for confirmed transactions. Lachesis provides fast finality for transactions in a decentralized blockchain. Scalable, Secure, Byzantine fault torent and Leaderless system that is used in fantom crypto networks.

On-chain governance 

Fantom crypto networks use on-chain governance ecosystems. It works as leaderless proof of stake protocol. Proof of stake requires FTM to secure the networks. When the users stake FTM here the system is secure and holders will receive rewards. More value creation for fantom proof of stake by staking FTM.

What is FTM

Ftm is the crypto coin which is the primary coin of the fantom network. FTM works in fantom networks for managing security, payments, network fees, and on-chain governance.

The main job of FTM in fantom networks is securing the network. Crypto traders use FTM for receiving and sending payments. The transaction speed is very fast and offers very low fees in terms of other coins.

On-chain governance controls the decision for any changes in the network. As on-chain governance, any changes in networks are taken through governance and token holders in order to participate in the vote.

FTM stake returns rate

FTM will give 6% of APY return yearly. The holder will earn a 6.90% rate for staking in FTM. That means if a holders stake 10 FTM he will get a 1 FTM reward after one year. This is a decent reward but not bad.

Fantom Crypto (FTM) Price Prediction

The Crypto market is a highly volatile market. Price prediction about crypto is always an uncertain matter but some technical analysis about FTM gives us some data about FTM.

FTM’s supply is now 2,545,006,273 and the max supply is 3,175,000,000. Its market dominance is 0.07%. FTM’s all-time high price is $3.48 and its all-time low is $0.001 9530. FTM ROI is 1388.46% which means if you purchase at the time of launch you now get about 1388.46% returns, sure that’s profitable.

After researching some technical analysis about the FTM coin, our team suggests us according to the price forecast for FTM, its price will reach 2023, a minimum of $0.23 and maximum of $0.37, and an average of $0.27

Where To Buy Fantom Crypto

The traders can easily buy FTM from Fantom wallets. Other lists:

  • fwallet
  • Metamask
  • Ledger
  • Coinbase
  • Trust wallet
  • BitKeep
  • Token Pocket


Fantom crypto projects definitely a legit and optimistic project for traders. Their criteria and ecosystems are definitely eco-friendly and give us some hope about investing. We are not your financial adviser, please make your own research before investing in any projects.

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