Cosmos definition (Atom) Explained

Cosmos Definition

Cosmos is an open-source blockchain project that aims to connect other blockchain to each other in order to establish an easily usable, fast, scalable, interoperable, and low-fee hub.

Interoperability: Many of the applications in computers didn’t become widespread to communicate with each other over the internet eventually that is the world wide web. Cosmos sees itself as the internet of blockchain sound simple similar to projects like Polkadot and Harmonium one.

The difference between the internet and the internet of blockchain. Most of the communications on the internet are actually happening between a centralized server and a lot of clients. Here the clients use the computer. A million users use Twitter every day but all those unique users are interacting with one centralized point for their data.

Cosmos’ internet of blockchain allows different blockchains to communicate with each other in a decentralized way. Here one person or one organization is not able completely to control those.

What goals of Cosmos?

This is because of the Cosmos Hub and Zone model. Hubs are often very important in persistence in really taking off a high number of users and applications and Cosmo is no different. They saw a large number of blockchains in an interesting use case but the method of communicating between this change still left a lot to be desired. One of the largest vulnerabilities is blockchain bridges which are used to earn money from one chain to another.

How it works

Cosmos create a thing they called the hub and zones model. The central half of the facility is the transfer of tokens across various chains. The founder of Tendermint protocol explained that. If you want to use blockchain X but you have tokens from blockchain Y, it is difficult to go across the two chains using the token you already have.

Some Swap tries to solve this but they have limitations. Bitcoins do not work well in dynamics Swap. There are also wallet capabilities issues. So there has some gap in improving this.

Cosmos hub improves any chain that the Zone uses any other chain they have a zone. The hub does this by making use of the IBC (Inter blockchain communication protocol)

Inter blockchain communication protocol (IBC)

IBC allows transparent tokens between all the different zone attached to the Cosmos hub using something called two-web linking. This idea of Cosmos from Bitcoin is called ‘Side Chains’ which is used to scale the network. It uses these very same ideas to use a representation of coins on another chain without compromising the security of the main chain.

The CEO of Tendermint ‘Jae Kwon’ said, “We are seeing 22 blockchain that supports IBC. They have all been able to connect to various decentralized exchanges (DEXS) available in the Cosmos ecosystem, such as Osmosis, Gravity DEX”. So there’s been a lot of cross-chain activity much more than expected. We seeing a very positive growth cycle with IBC enabled.

Maintain Sovereignty

Cosmos allows other independent chains to set up zone and connect to the hub. Other chains maintain their sovereignty and governance structure. The original idea about its actual coverages is the project called tendermint which is different from Bitcoin’s proof of work mechanism.

Tendermint is the name of the project that is smooth interpretability between blockchains. On the Cosmos project which is proof of stake blockchain which means those who validate the blockchain have to prove they have something stake.

Two-phase voting algorithm

Two third of validating power confirms of block and is added to the chain. This is where Cosmos is fast secure and interpretable.
Proof of work blockchain users has to wait longer blocked to be used. Proof of stake chains is much easier to centralize.

Cosmos Vs Polkadot

Cosmos and Polkadot are actually very similar in their end goal. Interoperability between blockchain Polkadot layer zero and Cosmos are software developer kits (SDK). Cosmos creates more control of the chain and create how they want to. The tool is called a software developer kit. Anyway, can use their tool to add the Cosmos (IBC). Even any project can be part of the cosmos IBC protocol but retain sovereignty over its chain. Polkadot focuses on security, and the cosmos emphasized independence and connectivity.


If you buy it’s better to take as well the current inflation rate of Cosmos are thus taking you what is around 17%

  • 0.5% of seed sale
  • 7% strategic sale
  • 10% foundation
  • 10% tendermint company
  • Rest public fundraiser, a mean token sale that raised about 16 million in April 2017

Please make your own research before investing in any site.

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